Public Parks

Whether seen from a car or while taking a walk, Wiesbaden, the capital state of Hesse, is dominated by one colour: green. Parks and green spaces and tree-lined boulevards spread throughout the city like the branches of "green lung". Observers are repeatedly surprised by the sight of lovingly cared for green oases, which invite them to leave behind their stress, to relax and feel at ease. Wiesbaden offers many examples of outstanding historical architecture including the Biebrich Palace and the Freudenberg Palace not far from the city centre, not to mention the Jagdschloss Platte, the partially restored royal hunting lodge with a marvelous view of the Rhine valley, and many other monuments of outstanding architecture.

"Relief from the daily grind" can also be experienced in the nearby Rheingau region. The steep hillsides, but also charmingly lovely landscape and numerous impressive monastery buildings and historical residences transform a stay in Rheingau into a journey into the past and a "feast for all the senses".