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Worth noting

Görlitz is Wiesbaden’s only twin town to share a common honorary citizen with the Hesse state capital: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kiesow († 2011).

After the fall of the Berlin wall, Prof. Dr. Kiesow and the German Foundation for Monument Protection had dedicated their efforts to saving and preserving the crumbling monuments of the Former German Democratic Republic. It is in no small part due to his personal commitment that the architectural heritage of Wiesbaden’s twin town Görlitz was not only saved and preserved, but restored as well.

There are no twinning associations in Wiesbaden and Görlitz – but none are needed for the regular, intensive exchanges among schools and musical and sports associations, which are also complemented by a multitude of private initiatives.

In addition to Wiesbaden, Görlitz has maintained twinnings with Amiens (France) and Molfetta (Italy) since 1971, with Zgorzelec (Poland, since 1980) and Novy Jicin (Czech Republic, since 1981).