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Worth seeing

The old town of Montreux is only one of the attractions of the twin town of more than 25,000 inhabitants, often called the Pearl of the Swiss Riviera.

Montreux, which has been one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations since the first half of the 19th century, enjoys a mild climate. The development of the town is illustrated by stately hotels lining the lakeside promenade. They include such renowned houses as the Hôtel des Alpes, the Grand Hôtel built in 1887, and the Montreux-Palace, which was erected in 1905.

From the promenade, visitors have a breath-taking view of Lake Geneva with the Grammont Massif and the Dents du Midi as a backdrop. The Water Palace (Château Chillon), where the "jumelage" between Wiesbaden and Montreux was finalised, is also worth a look. Other interesting sights include Saint-Vincent Church and the Swiss Museum of Games in La Tour-de-Peilz Palace.

The city has several museums, such as the Musée de Montreux (housed in a group of winegrowers’ houses in the Sâles district since 1920), the Swiss Audio-Visual Museum (Musée National Suisse de l’Audiovisuel, also called Audiorama) in Territet, and the Nouveau Musée Ruzo (also in Territet). The "Maison Visinand" is used as a culture and leisure centre.