Worth seeing

The ruin of Franchimont Castle (Château de Franchimont), built in the 11th century, stands on a rock outcropping in the Ardennes within the city limits of the community of Theux.

The castle was fortified by a large protective wall in the early 16th century. It was first recorded in 1156 during the days of Bishop Heinrich II. of Liège.

Around 1650, the castle was demilitarised, as it was now vulnerable to attacks from the surrounding hills with newly developed weapons of artillery. It then served as a prison, but also as a summer residence for nobility.

In 1676, Ludwig XIV. ordered the destruction of the castle, but his order was only partially carried out. During the century that followed, the castle was visited by a number of royal personages because of its unique features. Since 1967, the structure has belonged to a charitable foundation that is working to maintain and restore it and conducts archaeological excavations.

The castle is open to visitors each year from Easter to October.